Time Frame

The project is split in three phases – namely the inception or initial phase with a duration of 3 months until end of June 2017, the planning or implementation with a duration of 26 month until August 2019 and the final project phase which will last one months and ends on the 26th of September 2019.

The initial phase includes the development of the baselining of the national waste management situation as well the identification of selection criteria, based on which two municipalities will be selected; the planning phase includes activities and tasks of developing regional and local waste management plans as well a feasibility studies incorporating from the waste collection, minimisation, treatment, recycling, recovery until safe disposal.

The final phase will allow a smooth handing over of all the outcomes and results.

Activities of trainings and capacity building will be performed in courses as well on the job during the entire planning/implementation process. Same counts for the implementation of PR and communication activities to increase the public awareness, public information and public participation.