Project Introduction and Activities

The project “Technical Assistance for Integrated Solid Waste Management System for two Selected Municipalities of Albania”, which is funded by the European Union and implemented by Eptisa for the Ministry of Environment has, among other specific technical objectives, to raise public awareness , supported by capacity building on how imporant is the proper waste mangement for the perservation of the environment, public health and finally for an increased life standard of the population of Albania.

To achieve this goal, it is important, that the compentent institutions implement proper waste mangement policy and technology and that the gernal public commit in correct attitudes driong the entire planning and implementation process.

Main Activities:

Selection of two municipalities / regions based on existing situation (mapping);
Development and implementation of a communication plan;
Establishment on significant background data related to integrated solid waste management focusing on municipal solid waste;
Review and/or redo of regional waste management plans;
Establish relevant stakeholder networks on national and local level;
Identification of waste –catchment areas to achieve economical feasibility and sustainability;
Development of feasibility studies including collection, recycling, treatment and disposal at local/regional level;
Supporting the development of waste management and operational structures due to capacity building measurements;