Technical Workshop on joint identification of objectives for a sustainable and integrated municipal solid waste management

Tirana, 06.06.2017

The project intents to hold a technical workshop on the 06.06.2017 on the joint identification of objectives for a sustainable and integrated municipal solid waste management.

Participants are stakeholders and partners active in the field of waste management.

The purpose of this workshop is to harmonise objectives as well activities and to increase the common understanding between all active partners, which will lead into a working programme (Road map).

Beside the contracting authority and beneficiary institutions are further key participants the representatives from the selected municipalities Gjirokaster and Kukes.

The intentions are to specify and discuss within two working groups (Legal/institutional and technical/financial) the key objectives.

Summary of Main intentions of the project:
1. Project and project team to be seen as integrated part of the beneficiary institutional set upBeside the technical solution, to bring relevant stakeholder and decision maker together to increase the common understanding for future requirements, technical solutions and financial needs.Required tasks, not stated within the terms to be handled à By-products (decision making tools, software, Waste Code Harmonisation, reporting harmonisation, on-the-job supportive activities)Earning the trust of the population and representatives in the capacity and capability of the project through an „controlled aggressive“ straight forward, positive, honest and direct PR strategyIdentification of waste catchment areas (not consequently indent with territorial boundaries or political boundaries)Split of controlling – managerial - and operational functionsEstablishing a management structure with long-term effect and not only applicable for this specific termSupporting public service provider for PPP structures (not privatisation!!!) due to commercialisation of the PSP;Support in transaction needs;Harmonisation issues
a. Waste stream identification, coding and processing, reporting
b. Public and private interestAgree on technical and financing strategy between EUD, Ministry of Finance, MoE, MoTI, MoUD, local authorities, etc.Identifying financing mechanism (for instance eco-funding, inkasso structure, etc.)Using on-the-job training task to increase the self-sustaining capacity on national and local level institutions
a. Central customer relationship management centre
b. Development of regional ShA (or similar managerial structure)Developing a core-team of national senior- and junior experts to leave a pool of expertise behind (long-term approach)Developing a Road-Map in form of a FS for further development of installations and « shopping list »